Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pseudosquillisma oculata

Obtained from - Saltwaterfish.com
Size - 3 Inches (76 Millimeters)
Gender - Female
Status - Arrived at a Wednesday (02/27/2013)

I meant to post this when it arrived but i didn't. When i was about to post this very rare Pseudosquillisma oculata. I thought it died as it stopped coming out from the rubble work. I assumed it had passed away, boy i'm happy i was wrong! It just recently appeared and more active as ever. I think it was hungry as i stopped placing food and she decided to hunt. Now its just out and about cleaning tidying its home and looking for food.

She's very happy as it appears to be but her body is whiting out. Kinda like milky? No idea what is going on and can't ask anyone as she's rare and no other captivity information is known of them. I'm just going to assume is ready to molt and i know its likely a wrong guess. Shrugs. I will see and will share when it comes available. 

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