Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lysiosquillina tridecimdentata

Obtained from -
Size - 4 Inches (101.6 Millimeters)
Gender - Male
Status - Arrives Thursday (10.25.2012)

I was looking at my email on the Diver's Den and i saw this amazing little bugger! I knew it wasn't a Lysiosquillina maculata but it was listed as a Lysiosquillina sulcata. I remember seeing another 'Zebra' with thick arse bars on its body but i was to late on getting it. (Pictured below)

That one was more yellow! I messaged Dr. Roy right away and asked if Lysiosquillina maculata ever looked yellow. Where he replied simply, thats not a Lysiosquillina maculata but a Lysiosquillina tridecimdentata. My head spun and i wanted it! Sadly it was already sold and i had a feeling it was a female. If i bought it without thought. I'd would have had a pair! Its okay, i'll get my pair, lol. Reason i didn't get 'her' right away. Was that i already have two female Lysiosquillina maculata. I don't need a third unless its a male. 

Comparing the two images you can see the shape of the carapace are different. Above image is more rectangular compared to the second image.  First image show larger eyes and raptorial appendage, where the second image has smaller eyes and raptorial appendage isn't seen. Again, i won't know until i get 'him' and look underneath for it's gonads. 

The one i bought which is the first image, the Lysiosquillina tridecimdentata was collected in the Indian Ocean. 'It's' only just four inches and i'm assuming it has a long life a head. I only hope that the Lysiosquillina tridecimdentata is as hardy as the  Lysiosquillina maculata .

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