Friday, June 15, 2012

Odontodactylus scyllarus 
Indonesian Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Obtained from -
Size - 3 Inches (76.2 Millimeters)
Gender - Male
Name - 'Hutch'
Status - Arrives Tuesday (06.19.2012)

I got the email for the Diver's Den and for once a decent looking Peacock caught my attention. So, it would be like my 100th Peacock Mantis. I miss having an Odontodactylus japonicus and this Odontodactylus scyllarus is close enough. I'm debating on a name for this little bugger... between Lilith for a female and Hutch for a male. Which both those names i was reserving for a future(, however, unlikely  Odontodactylus japonicus.) 

I have this 55 Gallon Display Refugium with my large multi tank system and i'm tired of seeing two fish and nothing much else of activity. So i will try it out in having this Peacock there. If not i'll move it to a 30 Long Gallon tank. So, i hope it gets along with my Yellow Stripe Maroon Clown. I don't care if it eats the six line, lol just not the clown! Its a big risk! However, confident enough to try it. My very first Peacock had stayed with this very same Maroon clown. So, i hope the temperament of this small three inch Peacock would be docile.

Might even for the moment put it in the sump to observe its temperament. Well i do have the weekend to set up the 30 gallon, I know it won't cycled in time. I did planned to plumb together the small system to the large system and with the overall water volume of the large system. Basically... i cheated and would be in away it would be cycled, lol.

The female i was expecting ended up being, a male. So his name is Hutch! I will treat this one like a King. I shale place my love in this bugger, in the same way i had for Queen Alice. 

Video Update
(Don't like music, mute before playing.)

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