Saturday, March 17, 2012

Opening thoughts They are no longer around. I have heard several things none by Billy or Thomas. So don’t quote me, lol. Ether they had gone back to school. Had some issues from their collectors. As I recall something about their collectors didn’t want selected items but wanted them to order in bulk. Lastly with the end expense of obtaining these Mantis Shrimps. Since they specialized in Mantis Shrimps i wont rate the second percentage. 

Customer Service & Knowledge – All I can say is ‘wow’; they answer your emails promptly. They even had forums to discuss topics of what’s new, care…anything. If I would give them a Grade I’d give them an A+++! More importantly I trust them. (100%/0%)

Availability & Variety – They specialized in all things Stomatopods hence their name. They nearly had any species you were looking for. Rare ones when available. Bought most of my Mantis Shrimps from them including the pair of Odontodactylus japonicus.

If you were looking for a ‘Peacock’, Odontodactylus scyllarus. They had a multitude variety of all amazing looking colors and shades. Never found that anywhere else in any other company. 

They did get other things aside from Mantis Shrimps. Before the site shut down I did recall seeing a four inch Nautilus and this funky Anemone. (100%/0%)

Pricing – As I recall it was very reasonable and if you were a long time customer, sometimes they could give out an discount. (100%/0%)

Policy & Procedures  – They get their shipment and go through quarantine about nearly a month or less. I don’t recall, lol…long those lines. Then they take the time to sex them and take amazing quality pictures of each item. Then they post them on their site by species.

When you go to check out and contact them right after, you can request to hold the item(s). Until for whatever reason you had from waiting for your system to cycle or due to weather issues. Actually as I recall they won’t ship the Mantis Shrimps until proper weather and temperature were in the right conditions. I held the male Odontodactylus japonicus with them for months. Billy and Thomas actually cared about the animals and didn’t see it as just a sale.

In the event that your items dies from ether through Shipping or proper Acclimation. They had a replacement for each lost, ether your choice or theirs. (100%/0%)

Packaging & Shipping – Wow, it was packaged really well! They had a white Cardboard and Insulated Styrofoam box. Within was foam peanuts, heat or cold packs and some bags they filled with air…then your precious Stomatopods. They thought of everything to insure your purchase arrives safely and comfortable through shipping.

They went with FedEx…their pricing was also pretty good at the time. If your package gets lost or redirected to the wrong state. ::: Glares at FedEx ::: They take the time to locate your package and insure you of an arrival. Due to their amazing packing the animals are insured they do arrive alive. In the event something went wrong like your package gets misdirected in Winter. They will do their best to work with you to provide the best assistance to bring them out from near death/dormant state. (100%/0%)

Advertisement – Their website was well made. Simple and clean…I always like the idea of ‘less is more’. It was easy to navigate through and I felt you couldn’t get lost searching for company information and or products. They actually had two different designs, as I recall. The old one was blue and white and it was clean and simple. The newer design was black and well contrasted choice of hue fonts. Graphics wise they utilized their amazing photography and integrated it in to the design. Each Mantis Shrimp was place in to a container that had a ruler underneath. It was well lit and some what made the Stomatopods glow. It showed the amazing detail and hues of the animal. So you could really see what you are buying. As an Artist and Designer I could appreciate the details that others may not notice. (100%/0%)



ConclusionI’m very sad that their gone. I hope they return, better and improved or exactly with the same passion that they had. If they were to have been still around i could see them branch out to other rare specimens. 

Mantis Shrimp  (100%) Approved!
As a Company  (0%) N/a

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