Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So my ramblings begins.....  

I don’t remember how I got so addicted to these Mantis Shrimps. I remember my brother in law, bought me my first Peacock and she was beautiful! Honestly at the time i had no idea nor that i cared what its gender was. Simply assumed it was a female and named her ‘Illyria’. When she died it had gotten me to want another and another. Before i knew it had led to owning many Peacocks and other species. 

In my search for more I came across the Reef Central Forum. There I found many other Mantis Keepers (Thanks Adam for the 'Stomatoholic' termand one that stood out from them all, Dr. Roy L. CaldwellA Professor of Integrative Biology. His research goes in to invertebrate behavior and ecology that is centered on the behavioral ecology of stomatopod crustaceans. From the Reef Central forum many discuss along with Dr. Roy of anything you want to learn about stomatopods.

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